The Story of Your Innkeepers and the Inn

Through the years

The Willard Street Inn was built in 1881 for Charles Woodhouse, a prominent businessman and Vermont State Senator. The design of the house incorporates elements of the Queen Anne and the Colonial-Georgian Revival styles, both of which were just gaining popularity at that time.

Through the ensuing years, the home had numerous owners. In 1996, Gordon and Beverly Watson transformed the residence into the Willard Street Inn. With painstaking detail, the house has been renovated and restored to its original splendor. Today, the brick structure retains its marble detail, slate roof, and a striking exterior marble staircase which descends to the elaborate gardens below. Inside, high ceilings, intricate moldings and wood floors hearken back to another era. Upon entering the spacious cherry-paneled foyer, one can almost imagine the grand turn-of-the-century parties which Mr. Woodhouse might have hosted.

Present Day

Katie and Larry Davis had stayed at the Willard Street Inn during their very first visit to Vermont while visiting colleges with their daughter, Carrie.

Carrie ultimately chose Champlain College for their excellent hospitality program and was subsequently hired at the Inn – a perfect fit for gaining real experience during her studies. After graduation, she worked elsewhere for a few years but the charm of Vermont, Burlington, and the Willard Street Inn lured her back and she graciously accepted the position as the Inn's general manager under the former innkeepers.

Shortly after Carrie returned to Burlington, the former innkeepers announced their decision to ease into retirement and inquired as to whether she knew anyone who would be interested in buying the Inn. Well it was that question that set the Davis Family on its current course. In 2005, Katie and Larry Davis relocated from their home in East Aurora, New York to become the Innkeepers at the Willard Street Inn. A few years later their son, Jordan who was working as a geologist in Atlanta, GA, was lured like the rest of the family by Burlington's charm and he too became an Innkeeper.  As they say, "the rest is history," and ever since the Davis family have proudly welcomed guests to one of Burlington's premier inns in the heart of the city's picturesque Hill District, the Willard Street Inn.